Of Hand And Lens by Jasmine Poulton
Artwork, Photography and Writings by Jasmine Poulton.
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☐ Vex

Collabortation project with film making duo V/K (Vincent Lacrocq & Kristell Chenut), composer Kodi Najm and poetry by Jasmine Poulton (also featuring).


It can come out of nowhere,

And although I'm aware,

It's a fault I could control,

I just sit back,

And watch it evolve.


It pity and it's vexation,

Punishment for me and all of creation,

But above all I am lost,

Without sight, sound or ground,

All reason goes ignored.


In a maze that I made,

I'm desperate for rescue as I push it away.

Entrapped fragments of thoughts, 

Fight with the urge,

To quit and take cover.


In this cave my soul's a stranger.

The glare of sense left beyond exterior.

Unable to for-see,

When the flickers of clarity will reach me,

Then finally, I'm sorry.

Review by The Wild Magazine:

Let’s throw a handful of clichéd terms at this, shall we? And note that emerging talents, Vincent Lacrocq and Kristell Chenut have created something ethereal and chilling, stepping up to the plate with bags of prowess and potential. The director/art director double act have been producing some fantastic films for a little while now and what started out as an experimental side project has turned into another impressive work. The haunting score by Kodi Najm is magnificent and works well with the spoken word soundtrack that follows Jasmine Poulton (who also wrote the poetry she recites for the film) as she wanders lost and longingly. Well worth a watch—as are many of the duo’s other pieces which have earned them their successful start in the industry—with novel ideas excellently realized to concoct memorable visual moments. Check it out on https://thewildmagazine.com/blog/vex-h264/

☐ Boardwalk Birdie

Erin Fetherston collaborates with photographic duo Gus & Stella on a short film featuring her Summer 2014 collection. Entitled 'Boardwalk Birdie', featuring 'Faces' from HITS, the film features model Jasmine Poulton strolling about Coney Island on a sunny summer's day. The film captures Fetherston's special brand of feminine charm and quirky fun.

  Featuring drawing by Jasmine Poulton.